Sanef core business is to operate motorways and to provide safety and comfort to all drivers on the motorway, at any time and any condition. For that purpose, Sanef has developed and implemented many tools to collect traffic, weather and incident data, to process and verify all sources of information and to distribute information and alerts via different media, such as VMS (Variable Message Signs), FM 107.7 radio traffic, web sites and mobile internet, navigation systems, etc.

Incident management, in particular handling emergency calls either from mobile telephones and emergency call boxes, is part of the daily activity of Sanef.

With SafeTRIP, Sanef will explore new opportunities and innovative services to deliver to its customers: passenger car, truck and bus drivers. Also some services could be designed to improve safety and help Sanef patrol staff in their current activities. The cooperation with Masternaut will be increased and will also benefit from the relations with the insurance and assistance company IMA. The MCU or TRIBOX on-board units will be used as a technical basis for the development of the Greenbox within SafeTRIP.
Although Eutelsat core business is to lease transponders capacity, its innovation team acts as a scientific and technological catalyst in order to create new added value services via satellite. Within the SafeTRIP project, Eutelsat try to merge the satellite communication and the transportation world in order to improve the passengers and final user’s safety and to optimize their travelling experience.

In the consortium, Eutelsat will bring its strong experience of the space segment as well as its ability to set up a satellite communication system. Eutelsat will also take benefits of its leadership in Europe to disseminate the project results and to gather inputs from the industrial institutions in order to ensure a good visibility on the project.

Indra is a ICT Systems Engineering company with capabilities to create full systems, sub-systems and individual equipment items in a number of lines of activity among which to point-out telecommunication systems (including satellite communications) and transport and traffic systems. Indra major contributions to SafeTRIP are the following ones: identification and definition of the system requirements; leading and coordination of WP3 – Architectural design; satellite return link system design, development and validation; leading the integration of the communication systems at system level; participation in the OBU return link module design and development; definition, design and development of application modules to support the services; preparation and participation in the demonstration of the services; participation and contribution to the assessment to the commercial and roll-out aspects..
Founded in 1985, Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS in Erlangen, Germany, ranks first among the Fraunhofer Institutes concerning headcount and revenues. With the development of the audio coding method MPEG Layer-3, short mp3, Fraunhofer IIS has reached a worldwide recognition. Among many others, Fraunhofer IIS is actively working in the areas of Digital Broadcasting Systems and Satellite Based Navigation Systems.

Within SafeTRIP, Fraunhofer IIS is participating in system specification and is responsible for design and development of the DVB-SH demodulator. Moreover, a Lab Development Platform of the Greenbox On Board Unit will be developed. Fraunhofer IIS is the work package manager for WP4 and lead the tasks related to design and development of the On Board Unit.
Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements “PIAP” is the leading Polish Satellite Monitoring Team in PIAP was involved in development of Galileo/GPS solution for monitoring of the railway European East-West corridor. Developed, in PIAP unique solutions create possibility of reliable on-line monitoring of transportation of hazardous goods.
PIAP will be leader of WP5 – Integration as well as key participant of WP4 – Development. PIAP will be also participating in other workpackages.
UCL - University College London - is ranked ninth in the 2007 THES-QS World University Rankings. UCL has been active in European research programs from the beginning, and today has 150 European research links and 129 student-exchange partnerships with European universities. The Department of Computer Science is a world-class research centre with 30 academic staff and 70 full-time researchers, and 80 doctoral students. The department has a distinguished 30-year track record in computer communications technology and is home to the leading Internet technology research group outside the US.

In SafeTRIP, UCL will help to identify and define the services and to evaluate them in laboratory and field trials, and assess the impact on transport safety, security and the environment. Specifically, UCL is leading WP7, T2.1, T7.1, T8.1 and T8.3. UCL is a contributor to T2.4.

Abertis Autopistas España (100% Abertis Group) has been created recently as manager of Abertis Spanish highways. The majority of the organization team comes from concessionaires and technological group companies. Abertis Autopistas is the first highway operator in Spain with more than 1.500 km.

Abertis Autopistas will participate on several task on WP2 (Requirements), WP7 (Evaluation) and WP8 (Dissemination). Moreover, Abertis Autopistas will lead Task 6.2 (Dual mode emergency / High data rate uplink) on WP6 (Experimentation).

Acesa is the biggest motorway’s operator in Spain, manages about 600 km of high capacity roads. Acesa network is part of the transeuropean road network, and has a very high level of traffic connecting Spain end France.
Acesa is involved in the requirements aplications definitions as a participant on this task. And also is particpating in the demonstration activities.
Department of Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics is part of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. The main research areas of the department are: mapping, remote sensing, photogrammetry, geoinformatics. The department had and has several national and international projects related to its research fields. The Department is also strongly committed to education, giving lectures to hundreds of students in each semester.
In SafeTRIP project BME will lead Task 7.3 and will contribute to tasks T1.2, T2.1, T2.3, T3.3, T4.3, T7.1, T8.1, T8.2 and T8.3. Main activity of BME is concerning positioning and require/impact analysis, as well as specifications.
DLR is Germany’s national research centre for aeronautics and space. Its extensive research and development work in Aeronautics, Space, Transportation and Energy is integrated into national and international cooperative ventures.

DLR will lead task 4.1 (related to the design and development of the forward/return link for messaging services). DLR will contribute to the system architecture design, to the integration of the satellite segment with terrestrial infrastrctures and with car-to-car communication systems. DLR will take also part to the development of the service enabling platform, and to the demonstration activities, for which DLR will make available a test vehicle.

The Fondazione Ugo Bordoni (FUB) is a no-profit private organisation subject to the supervision of Ministry of Communications. FUB performs and supports scientific and applied research in the fields of communications, computer science, electronics and multimedia, in order to promote scientific progress and technological innovation.

In the SafeTRIP project FUB will contribute in the task T2.3 (System and Network requirements), T3.1 (System architecture) T3.3 (OBU Architecture Definition and Functional Specifications), T7.1 (Technical and user assessment) and T8.1 (Dissemination of the outcomes of the project). FUB will also lead the T3.1 task.

Inter Mutuelles Assistance Shareholding companies: MAAF, MACIF, MAIF, MATMUT, SMACL, MAPA, Mutuelles des Motards, AGPM, AMF, MAE. IMA provides assistance to 50 million people, all over the world. The 38 million shareholder’s mutual insurance company beneficiaries make up the largest part (more than 1 French person in 2). The group’s other clients, 200 mutual health insurance companies, represent another 12 million beneficiaries.
The MAIF is a mutual insurance company which insures non-denominational education staff, personnel involved in research, culture and leisure activities, non-profit-making associations and their employees working in the fields of sport, disability, social action and humanitarian affairs. As a general insurance subsidiary, Filia-MAIF welcomes all those who, due to statutory provisions, cannot join the mutual insurance company but share its values. At last, the MAIF Foundation is in charge of prevention about a lot of topics as road safety.
Compared to traditional insurance companies, MACIF has always set itself apart through its history, ideology and operational approach. Words must be put into action, however, and we like to recall that "the policyholders of our mutual benefit company are both our individual customers and our collective bosses" - that's just the way things are done here. Macif has proven that it is possible to reconcile price and quality while ensuring economic efficiency and social utility. Macif customers represent today as much as 4.6 million policyholders.
M.B.I. S.r.l. (MBI) is an Italian private company with strong competences in the fields of multimedia content distribution, networking, security and custom applications, with solid experience in DVB field, highly available applications for supplying satellite and hybrid broadband multimedia services.
MBI has invested a great deal in the technologies for broadband services on board mobile vehicules and will provide the SafeTRIP project with a concrete solution for the enabling of services on-board of mobile vehicles.
In the SafeTRIP project, MBI will be responsible for the design and development of the turnkey platform that enables the S-band satellite communication infrastructure to interoperate with any other existing 2G/3G/4G mobile and terrestrial networks. This service enabling platform will allow users of any mobile vehicle (specifically a car) to communicate via internet and access the services by means of the Greenbox, always-on connected with a central Service Operation Centre and with the infrastructure.

Founded in October 2005 by current Top Management with the mission to develop, market and sell multimedia digital devices for the up-coming mobile entertainment market. Elected by Motorola Ventures as strategic investment opportunity: minority shares acquisition completed on Feb 2008.

Within the SafeTRIP consortium, Quantum will lead the development of the GREENBOX prototypes terminals for integration of other partners technology and software applications and conduct integration and interoperability tests and provide limited quantities of prototypes for field trials and live demonstartion

Masternaut was established in 1996 and is now an European leader in Mobile Resource Management Solutions, and related telematics, mobility and tracking services. Masternaut provides end-to-end solutions to more than 5.000 companies across Europe, and operates more than 80.000 GPS-GPRS connected devices.

In addition of its cross-activity contribution at the different level of the SafeTRIP project, Masternaut is leading the task 5.3 - Integration and validation of the OBU field trial set-up, within the WP – Integration. For this role, Masternaut contribution is based on more than 10 years of experience in integrating and delivering in-vehicle products and services, to more than 5.000 business customers.

Abertis Telecom, through its companies Tradia and Retevisión, is the leader group on broadcasting infrastructure and services in Spain. These services include: analogic/digital radio and television broadcasting, mobile radio communications for security and emergency forces and telecommunications services for phone operators.. Retevision is committed with the R&D activities to develop innovative services in the TV broadcast and communication field.

Retevision is leader of the tasks TF2.3, “System and Network requirements” and TF7.2 “To assess commercial and rollout aspects”. As broadcast network operator it has a global operator vision. Retevision also participates in WP2, WP3, WP4, WP5, WP6, WP7, and WP8.

The Eurolines network serves 32 countries and more than 1500 destinations from 110 French cities. Eurolines allows anyone to travel very easily to Lisbon, Stockholm, Bratislava, Rome, Berlin, etc. For destinations like Paris-Brussels, 11 travels per day are available. Eurolines France owns 27 sales offices and benefits of more than 1200 travel agencies in France. The French network represents more than 20% of the sales of Eurolines, with about 500.000 travel tickets sold yearly.

Eurolines will provide user requirements for coaches operator, that will contribute to the applications definition of the scenario 3. In WP6, Eurolines will provide 2 busses that will be equipped by a GREENBOX and participate to the experimentation on Eurolines routes. Eurolines staff will contribute to the data collection during the experimentation and participate to the evaluation of user assessments and safety and security impacts.

Algoé is a management consulting firm established in 1959, currently employing 200+ full-time staff including 170 consultants. Algoé assists and advises private and public clients in different fields: project management, innovation and business strategy, territorial development, humman ressources and organisation.

Algoé has been working for more than 20 years in organisation, contractual set-up, operation management, evaluation and economic studies of projects on new services in transport. Algoé sees a great opportunity in the SafeTRIP project for providing innovative services for road transport by mixing technical developments with marketing and end-user assessment.

Algoé is in charge of the Quality and Administrative Management within SafeTRIP as well as the marketing and business studies.