The project is composed of 8 work packages: 4 “technical-oriented”, 1 “demonstration-oriented”, 1 “evaluation oriented”, 1 for “dissemination and training” and 1 “management and coordination oriented”.
Activity types are distributed in the following way:

  • WP 1 corresponds to “management” activity (administrative management, coordination and reporting at project level), occurring through the project’s life.
  • WP 2 to WP5 will deal with “RTD” activity that allows defining and specifying services, then making pre-operational the architecture design and integration of the system.
  • WP 6 will propose the experimentation (demonstration) of the system and WP7 its socio-economic assessment (other activities).
  • WP 8 will be dedicated to dissemination, standardisation and training activities.

SafeTRIP started in October, 2009 for a duration of 42 months. During summer 2012 the demonstration activities take place with sessions of trials in Paris, Barcelona and on board of Eurolines coaches.
The Final Workshop with public presentation and demonstration of the achievements will take place in early 2013 (check on the News session for future announcement).