Take advantage of the S-band technology

The SafeTRIP idea was born from the launch of W2A, an S-band satellite owned by Eutelsat (April 2009), which allows providing new safety services in the transport domain. This new geostationary satellite is specially designed for providing DVB-SH broadcasting and 2-way data communication services in S-Band, with the ability to use small omni-directional antennas on the mobile unit. This unique feature allows exploring a new generation of services!

Leaned to this innovative technological foreground, the consortium of the SafeTRIP project thought to all the potential capacities which could be offered to the transport field and all the positive impacts, namely in terms of safety, that could be imagined for every European citizens. This is why “SafeTRIP” is probably one of the most innovative projects of the last decades regarding its horizontal and holistic approach: infrastructure / vehicle / drivers.

SafeTRIP project will integrate innovative satellite technologies and communication features:

  • accurate satellite positioning (GPS / EGNOS / GALILEO)
  • 2-way data communication everywhere in Europe via W2A
  • DVB-SH broadcast everywhere in Europe through W2A

Improve safety in mobility of road users

This new technology will enable the development of a range of applications that will improve safety and mobility for road users, using GPS/EGNOS/GALILEO positioning as well as S-band two way communications. Satellite communications are of great added value for vulnerable persons as it could ensure a full pan-European coverage and, as a consequence, a permanent communication link.

Drivers also recognise that a comfortable and quiet travel is a safer travel; this is why the passengers of the vehicles (car, bus), could be offered through the DVB-SH technology a wide range of additional services that will make their travel more convenient and comfortable:

  • Digital radio
  • Mobile TV
  • Music and Video on demand

An in-a-car link with travel safety

The SafeTRIP project includes also the development of a low cost in vehicle receiver (On-Board Unit: OBU), which is called the “GREENBOX” (referring to the black box in plane).

The GREENBOX will be developed in a family of receivers, covering all segments of the market. The target price of the low segment product is around 100 €, which will be made possible through mass market production. The GREENBOX receiver that will be installed in vehicles will provide a large range of personalised services, including emergency call, incident/accident warning, optimised navigation, vehicle monitoring, driver behaviour monitoring, traffic and incident data collection, etc. But the most innovative part of the Greenbox is that it will be designed to "host" external applications developped using a simple SDK. Thus, on the same model than the Apple Application Store, developpers will be able to provide applications for the transportation market.

The emergency and assistance call applications of SafeTRIP will be totally interoperable technically and operationally with the architecture promoted by the EC, as well as with the others promoted by different industrial stakeholders in Europe

The GREENBOX will also be experimented in test-travels involving coaches on long distance corridors. It will contribute to an advanced tracking system which allows:

  • Headquarter (HQ) to verify the drivers behaviour
  • HQ to send alerts to the driver
  • the vehicle to signal anomalies both to the driver and to the HQ
  • HQ to make accurate statistics on the coaches, for example to determine who are the passengers on board at any time

This new device of a reasonable cost will contribute to a better access to safety services to a greater number of drivers and vulnerable persons.