Context and Concept

Context and overview

Every European citizen should enjoy a transport system that meets his needs and expectations in terms of safety, comfort and efficiency.

Therefore users need to be placed at the heart of transport policy, as proposed by the European Commission in the targeted topic (i.e. SST.2008.4.1.3- Integral system solutions for safety). In SafeTRIP, European citizens are at the centre of the project thanks to a system addressed to road drivers but also to passengers.


In the past decade a lot of researches have been dedicated to develop driver assistance systems based on autonomous sensor technologies that are able to perceive the traffic situation surrounding the vehicle and, in case of danger, to properly warn the driver. Moreover, a lot of researches have been dedicated to improve the quality of the infrastructure, giving weight to “an intelligent road infrastructure” concept, leaned to the Intelligent System infrastructure (ITS).

The SafeTRIP project “added value” is to seek the “combination” of the information from vehicles and from the infrastructure to users, taking benefits from a new satellite technology, and adopting an original holistic approach “infrastructure / vehicle / drivers”, where all of these actors have a key role to play in the safety chain.


The concept of the SafeTRIP project is:

  • to provide an integrated system platform that will allow any third party company to develop applications for the road market.
  • to promote innovative satellite technologies and communication features:
    • accurate satellite positioning (GPS / EGNOS / GALILEO)
    • 2-way data communication via satellite
    • digital radio broadcast via satellite in the new S-band
  • to integrate in vehicles a device called “Greenbox” offering a universal two-way communication system
    • providing two-way real-time IP data connectivity for the emergency and disaster recovery situations
    • receiving IP multicast data, video and audio streams
    • exchanging non real-time IP data packets at few KBPS information rate